About Us

About Us

qianqilink.com is Chinese leading online retail store, specializing in the sale of apparels,such as Top , Shirt , Bodysuit , Hoodie , Skirt , Coat & Jacket etc. We always strive to provide customers with high quality products at competitive prices and respect their needs. qianqilink.com is willing to help people around the world find Chinese treasures.

If it is difficult for you to choose the goods you have long expected, constructive suggestions will always be provided. Please ensure that these suggestions are always provided by fans full of fashion enthusiasm.

Customer Service Personalization and Personalization

Beginning with the purchase intention, tutorial suggestions will be provided that aim to flatter style, suit size, and match colors. Then detailed design, careful cutting, inspection line, delivery. Our customer representatives always keep the best cooperation with you. One of our teams was appointed as an account manager and will strictly follow every order and even every clothing. He or she will communicate with you during each clothing's production process.

Open for all custom services
Before you enter qianqilink.com, you may dream of a perfect apparels. If you look at the sea through different clothinges, it sometimes leads to disappointment. Please note that our customer service department is open to any clothing or any clothing photo you provide. Maybe you want charming floral decorations, retro-inspired beadwork, romantic sleeves, fan-shaped sweetheart neckline and luxurious fabrics that combine perfectly. Through our customized service, you can see the perfect apparels.